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2012-11-13 22:48:36
I moved from England to Germany this year.

It's really hard to find arcades in this country!!
I've visited to Poland a few times on the train, Swinoujscie & Szcecin.

It would be cool to meet you guys to play DDR or PIU. I'm not a great player, but I used to hold tournaments in London and make so many friends via Pump.

It seems like the forums aren't so busy these days.
Do you all still play? Is there an arcade community in Poland?

Take it easy,
Ostatnia edycja: toby7ten, 2012-11-13 22:49:29
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2012-11-27 17:38:19
The place is a bit dead now, true. I'm currently outside the country myself but I'm pretty sure someone will show up and give you a shout. I'll highlight this message to my DDR playing friends.
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